Download & Install the Wretro App from Google Playstore or Apple Store. Click on Sign Up and create a new account with an Email ID & Password.

Connect the electrical wires as mentioned behind the switches. Make sure the earthing is properly done in the electrical wiring to avoid malfunctioning of the devices. 

Note: wiring connections may be different for each switch

L/P = Live / Phase Wire, N= Neutral, L1,  L2, L3, L4 = Light Loads

Devices Setup

After successful login in the Wretro app, click on the + button on the upper right corner, select the device type from the categories mentioned (Wi-Fi and BLE). Press the reset/touch button on the device for at least 10 seconds until the blue LED light blinks rapidly. The app in your phone/tab will discover nearby ready-to-be-paired devices, Connect your phone/tab to the same Wi-Fi network (2.4 GHz only) on which the device should be connected. Select “Next” and wait for the successful connection.

Click on the device you wish to change the name. Click on the edit icon (pencil) or Long Press the switch button inside the device for editing the name.

Press and hold any device from the list and select the device you want to delete and select “Remove Device”


Go to the “Smart” section below. Press the “+” button above and select “Launch Tap-to-Run”. Select “Run the device” and select the switchboard you want to consider for adding devices to the list as per their state. Change the name of the scene in the “Name” section and save the settings.

Go to the “Smart” section below. Press the “+” button above and select “Schedule“. Set the preferred time and date of the same and click on Next. Select the function you want to trigger i.e. “Run the device” or “Select Smart“, Select the desired device or the Tap-to-run function and save the se

In the Wretro app, click on the “Me” section below, Select Alexa from Third Party Voice Services. Enter the login details of Alexa and link Wretro skills. Open the Alexa app and go to the “Devices” section below, Refresh the page by sliding down the screen and the devices will be added. Then try the commands through the Alexa app/device.

In the Wretro app, click on the “Me” section below, Select Google Assistant from Third Party Voice Services. Enter the Google login credentials or Select the Google Account from the existing account(s). Open/Download Google Home app and select “+” on the top left to “Set up device” and select “Works with Google“. Search Wretro in the list of Smart Home Skills and enter the login credentials of the Wretro App. The account will be linked with Google Home and all the devices and scenes will be discovered in the Google Home App

Plug in the device on a power socket, press the reset button below the device till the time the blue light blinks rapidly (At least 10 seconds). Open the Wretro App and press “+” on the top right corner. Select Others category and Universal Remote Control. Select & connect your phone to the Wi-Fi network you want the device to connect to and click Next. Click on the checkbox confirming the rapid blinking and Select Next. Wait for the device to connect to the Wi-Fi and select Done after the successful connection.

Click on the paired IR device and select Add Remote Control. Select the appliance type you want to control and select the brand name of the device from the list. Check the remote combinations by pressing any key on the screen and select the one the appliance responds to and then click on Done.

Turn on the Bluetooth to control the device in the range of the Bluetooth connectivity (Supports only if the device supports Bluetooth / BLE function). Else check the Wi-Fi connectivity and the Internet line. if the problem still exists, delete/remove the device from the list and pair the device again. If the problem still exists, Kindly contact the Wretro Channel Partner’s technical support team for further assistance.

Select the brand name from DIY set up and configure the remote manually with each button in the remote


Our switches fit in Roma Classic, Roma Allure, Roma Vetro (Glass plate), Hifi, Wonder, Rider, Flato, Sioma, Kolors KBC Vouge, Kolors KBC Selekt, Milltech, Pointer, Allwyn, Cona, Lisha, Netwit, Vankon, Red Card, Amaron, Vinayak, Maru Switches, Western Vintage, Western V-Wood, Livon, Philcon, litaski, Rapid electricals….etc

No, it will not work without the internet

No, it will keep the previous state even after the power is back


18 months from the date of purchase. The Warranty covers manufacturing defects and does not cover malfunction due to misuse, accident, vandalism, negligence, power outage, mishandling, etc.

You have to log a complaint with the channel partner from whom you have purchased the product,he will be helping you out with the replacement/repairing of the product.

You can certainly write an email to us and we will investigate the same for you, or you can send the faulty unit to our service center for replacement or repair with the purchase bill

Wretro is a partner-driven company so an authorized partner will certainly assist with the visit and the issue faced.

Wretro is a partner-driven company and partners might charge for the services rendered. Charges may vary from 500 to 1000 + taxes per visit

Installation, Troubleshooting, and Service Charges.

A wretro partner or a certified electrician can do the installation of the product.

Wretro is a partner-driven company and the partner will charge for the services rendered as per the site conditions and requirements.

You can certainly get it installed via any of the above, but there will be no support from Wretro technical team related to first-time installation

The installation video with configuration is available on our youtube channel, they can refer to the video and get the switches configured.

Wretro always encourages the customer to get their product installed and configured through authorized partners, however, if you fail to do so, we will assign a channel partner to complete the configuration process, the partner will charge for the configuration of the product.

We always recommend you get your switch installed and configured through a wretro channel partner if you did so and face the same issue. you can contact your assigned wretro channel partner who did the installation he will certainly help you out.

You can certainly write us a complaint email by keeping the channel partner in the loop, we will investigate the issue and get your query sorted asap.

The configuration will not be changed. However you can contact the Wretro Channel Partner from whom you got the switches installed, they will help you with the shifting process.