Smart Pet Feeder With Camera

Smart Pet Feeder

Smart pet Feeder With Camera

Feed & talk to your pet from anywhere, anytime.

Wretro Smart Pet Feeder with a camera to feed your Pet without involvement. Adjust the feeding schedule using the Wretro Smart App, and from afar you’ll be able to see and communicate with your cat or dog through the Wretro smart app.

Smartest way to Feed & talk to your Pet from Anywhere, Anytime.

Smart Pet Feeder with Camera » Wretro Home Automation


Call Out Your Pets via Smart Phone to Feed Them

Bring comfort to your pet when you’re away from home by talking to your pet anytime and anywhere with our two-way audio. You can also record a personal message to be played for your pet as each feeding dispenses.

Power Supply & Battery

Dual Power Protection

Our smart pet feeder with camera can be connected to a power outlet and battery operated (3 D-sized batteries are not included). When unplugged or power outage, the feeder will automatically divert to the battery-powered supply for continuous operation. 

Smart Pet Feeder with Camera » Wretro Home Automation

First Pet Feeder to Stay Connected

Stay Connected To Your Pet From Anywhere

Control your feeder from your smart phone from anywhere, anytime. Never miss a meal again, No matter where you are. 

Control Via Smart Phone

Get Smart Alerts & Notifications

The smart pet feeder with Camera makes it easy for you to care for your pet even when you are not home. It also keeps you connected with your pet by sending notifications about feeding times and also sent an alert through the smart app features when food storage becomes less than 250g full.


Feed Your Pet With Voice Command

Now feeding your pet has become as easy as giving a Voice Command. Control your Smart pet Feeder with your voice command using Alexa & Google Home. 


Smart Pet Feeder with Camera » Wretro Home Automation


Smart Pet Feeder with Camera » Wretro Home Automation

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Smart Pet Feeder With Camera

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Feeding Specification

Hopper capacity

6 Liters

Food size

Max up to 15mm

Food type

Dry food only

Voice message limit


Auto feeding meals


Feeding portions (per meal)

Up to 99 portions

Feeding type

Manual, auto, Via Mobile App, Via Voice Command

General Specification


DC 5V 1.0A


D cell battery x3

Power consumption


Operating temperature

0 to+55 °C

Voice Command

Alexa, Google

Storage temperature

-10 to+60 °C

Operating humidity

20- 80%RH

Storage humidity

0- 95%RH


Download & Install the Wretro App from Google Playstore or Apple Store. Click on Sign Up and create a new account with an Email ID & Password.

Select your area or country and allow the smart pet feeder to access certain permissions. Also, Note to connect your smart pet feeder on 2.4 GHz. You can try to add the feeder via AP mode instead of QR code mode and auto scan mode.


Please check that the time zone of the pet feeder is according to your city or country. You can find this option in the mobile application

Once food falls into the tray, the feeder will wait for 10 minutes for the pet to eat the food. If the pet does not come to eat during this time, the feeder will send a message that food is blocking the feeding tray. If the pet ate the food after 10 minutes, you will still receive the message. It is also possible that food is stuck in the food slot. If that is the case, clean the food slot.

When it is feeding, the indicator LED cannot be disabled.

It depends on the network status. This may happen if the feeder’s Wi-Fi network is not good or the phone is connected to an unstable network. You can try to switch to a lower resolution to improve this.

Wretro Smart Pet Feeder With Camera Smart Pet Feeder with Camera