Best Smart Home Security Systems in Mumbai Wireless Smoke Detector

  • Model No:WR-5005-SD
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Wretro’s Wireless Smoke Detector adopts the labyrinth photoelectric smoke detection mode. It is optimized to detect slow smoldering fires which generate light smoke and little heat. The sensor detects once every 8 seconds. When excessive smoke is detected, it will immediately hoot and send alarm signal to Wretro’s Smart gateway. The rapid flashing LED and pulsating alarm will continue until the air is cleared or the test button is released.

Product specifications

1. Fully digital, highly reliable, large coverage and low power consumption
2. Labyrinth photoelectric smoke sensor with high stability 
3. Detects every 8 secs 
4. Battery life is more than 10 years
5. Low battery notification 
6. Comes with a Guarantee of 2 years