Best Smart Home Security Systems in Mumbai Wireless Water Leakage Sensor

  • Model No:WR-5004-WLS
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Wretro Wireless Water Leakage Sensor is composed of transmitter and probe, it can be installed on walls which closed to the grounds or the surface of others objects. When the probe comes in contact with water or other conductive liquid, the transmitter will immediately hoot and send alarm signal to Wretro’s Smart Gateway and to the Mobile Phone. it is a low-cost, simple and effective device that avoids water wastage and also prevents from any damage caused to the property due to overflow of water

Product specifications

1. Corrosion resistant stainless steel probe
2. Ultra low power consumption, longer battery life of more than 10 years  
3. Easy to set up, moisture-proof & water proof
4. Assembling not required, reliable performance 
5. Low battery notification
6. Comes with a Guarantee of 2 years