Modular - Retro Fit Dimmer Module

  • Model No:WR-6101-DM
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Wretro Dimmer Module works with your traditional switches. One has to connect and install the module with traditional switches inside the gangbox. You can easily control and operate the dimming of lights and the fan with the help of Wretro’s remote and mobile app.

Product specifications

  1. On-off control
  2. Fan/ Dimmable Lights (Bright & dim) function
  3. New generation two-way communication device that can penetrate the walls with fast response speed
  4. High reliability and strong anti-interference capability
  5. Can be used with traditional switches
  6. Can be used with Smart RF remote control/ App /Voice
  7. Maximum load power: 100W for LED lamps, 300W for incandescent lamps