Modular Wi-Fi Touch Switches 4 Gang Switch

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Wretro 4 Gang Switch is a three-way fully digital communication switch aesthetically designed for comfort and convenience. 4 Gang Switch allows you to connect four loads/appliances to a single switch which can also be controlled by physical touch mobile app and voice (Alexa and Google Home). Trendy touch screen panels are sleek and elegant meant for the millennial lifestyle.

Product specifications

  1. Stylish Design

  2. Capacitive Touch

  3. Ultra-Low standby power consumptions

  4. Incandescent Lamp:450W

  5. Smart Touch Switches can be operated via Touch / App / Voice

  6. New generation three-way communication device that can penetrate in Modular electrical plates with the fast response speed

  7. High reliability and strong anti-interference capability

  8. Tested Switching Cycles: 1,00,000

Wretro Home Automation is a Mumbai-based home automation company providing home automation solutions at the best price. At Wretro Home Automation we provide the Latest Range of Modular Touch Switches. We also customize the home automation experience at the best price in Mumbai as per your requirements and in the budget.