Retro Fit Home Automation Socket Module with Repeater

  • Model No:WR-6201-SMR
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Wretro Socket module with repeater transforms traditional sockets into a smart socket by connecting and installing the module with traditional switches inside the gangbox. Wretro Socket module with repeater is a two-way, fully digital communication smart module which helps automates the traditional socket and operate appliances connected to it. You can easily control and operate the ‘on-off’ state of the socket with the help of Wretro’s remote and mobile app.

Product specifications

  1. On-off control
  2. Maximum current: 10A
  3. New generation two-way communication device that can penetrate the walls with fast response speed
  4. High reliability and strong anti-interference capability
  5. Can be used with traditional switches
  6. Can be used with Smart RF remote control/ App/ Voice
  7. The shell is made by high quality environmental protection flame retardant materials.
  8. The Socket module owns the built-in signal repeater through which the range can be extended up to 200 meters