Retrofit Smart Modules 2 Node Smart Module

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2 Node Retrofit Smart Module is a smart Wi-Fi enabled device that can be deployed in any traditional switches and  lets you control your lights and electronic devices from anywhere at any time.2 Node Retrofit Smart Module enables ON/OFF control of regular loads connected to Node1 and  Node2. All you have to do is ,to install the device behind the switch plate and connect 2 Switch buttons on Node1 and Node2 respectively which transforms your existing switch into a fully automated system that can be controlled by a mobile app or just by your voice.It can be quickly deployed and easy to use,you can also Set routines and scenes according to your mood.

Product Features

  1. The 2 Node Retrofit Smart Module is a Wi-Fi enabled smart device, which can easily be installed into your existing switchboard.
  2. Turn appliances and electronics on/off, and schedule the same from anywhere across the house, or from any part of the world, from our App or Voice Commands.
  3. Each switch can also be scheduled so you can set up the perfect ambiance in your home and save energy at the same time.
  4. Smart Switch devices are easy to remove as they are to install. The 2-Node can be taken out and reinstalled in any switchboard in your house.
  5. Voice Control – Using Amazon Alexa and Google Home, you can use your voice to control your Light.