Smart Switches Smart RF 2 Gang Curtain Switch

  • Model No:WR-7302-CS

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Wretro Smart RF 2 Gang curtain Switch is a three-way fully digital communication smart switch which is aesthetically designed for a dual panel curtain track. Smart RF 2 Gang curtain switch lets you control dual curtains with individual open, close and stop buttons through wretro’s remote and mobile app. Smart RF 2 Gang curtain Switch is designed with a trendy touch screen panel that is sleek and elegant, meant for the millennial lifestyle.

Product specifications

  • Stylish Design
  • Capacitive Touch
  • Ultra-Low standby power consumptions
  • Maximum load power: 1000W
  • Smart Touch Switches can be operated via Touch / Remote Control / App / Voice
  • New generation two-way communication device that can penetrate the walls with a fast response speed
  • High reliability and strong anti-interference capability