UV Sterilizer Mobile UV Disinfector

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UV Disinfector is an ON-THE-GO portable mini sterilizer which can be connected to any smart phone device and power banks. It is packed with UV-A and UV-C LED which are mainly used for sterilization purpose. This mini portable UV sterilizer is designed in such a way that it can be carried easily in the pocket like a small pen drive to disinfect any product.
Wretro has always been a supporting hand with its products and services. Keeping the same in mind we have kept this ecofriendly UV Disinfector at a very nominal and affordable price so that it can be used by any & every individual.

Product specifications

  1. USB Powered. It can be used with power banks or smart phone with included connector of C-Type and Android.

  2. Compact and portable and can be used at home or while travelling, ergonomic design and environmentally friendly. UV-C LED of 275nm and UV-A of 405nm.

  3. By using ultraviolet light (UV-C), 99.9% of bacteria and viruses can be effectively killed or inactivated.

  4. Wide Application: Perfectly sterilizable for tools, currency detection.

  5. Keyring loop for easy carrying