Wretro Gadgets 10 Amp Smart Plug

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10 Amp Smart Plug is a smart Wi-Fi enabled device that lets you control your Appliance and electronic devices from your Smartphone from anywhere at anytime.10 Amp Smart Plug enables ON/OFF control of loads, schedules the ON/OFF of loads. It is Easy to install, Set rules, create schedules,Monitor energy usage and save money, IFTTT Integration & Voice Control with ALEXA.

Product Features

  1. Wi-fi Enabled Smart Plug.
  2. The smart plug directly connects with your smartphone, eliminating the need of a controller or hub.
  3. Control appliances like air-conditioner / geyser from your smartphone and voice command
  4. Easy to set up and easy to use.
  5. Automate and schedule appliances that are connected to the Smart plug from your smartphone.
  6. The plug analyzes energy usage and notifies you if an appliance malfunctions or is not performing normally.
  7. The Smart plug requires no monthly charges to function regularly in your smart home.