Wretro Gadgets IR Transmitter

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Wretro IR Transmitter is a sleek device designed for learning IR commands of the remote controlled appliances.It can learn and transmit the infrared Signals to its binded appliance. All IR controlled appliances can be remote controlled with our mobile app and voice commands.IT Supports IR remote based home appliances like TV,Set-TopBox,Air-conditioning, Home Theater, Speaker Box, Motor Curtain and so on. The product is having the multi mounting features. It can be used as a ceiling mountable or Wall Hanging or Table Top.

Product Features

  1. The IR Transmitter is a Wi-Fi enabled  Sensor, which has IR Transmitter & IR Receiver.

  2. Control all your IR Appliances Like Television, Set top Box, Air-conditioner, Music System, DVD players,etc.

  3. The IR Transmitter allows you to dynamically control all your appliances with the mobile app via setting customised rules.

  4. Fully custom built using high grade military infrared material.