Wretro Gadgets Microwave Motion Sensor

  • Model No:WR-9001-MS
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Wretro’s Microwave Motion Sensor helps to detect the motion of a moving human being in an indoor or an outdoor environment. When configured with the lights in the restrooms/passage area of a home/office, it can turn on the lights when it detects any motion and turn off the lights when there is no one present in that area. It can be installed on wall or ceiling.

Product Features

1. Motion sensor provides ease and comfort to your life
2. Hold time can set for 5s / 30s / 90s / 3mins / 20mins / 30mins
3. Can penetrate through plastic, glass, ceiling (POP and Metal sheet), wooden door and  thin wall
4. Detection sensitivity is 25% / 50% / 75% / 100%
5. Daylight sensor adjusts at 2lux / 10lux / 25lux / 50lux / Disable 
6. Transmitting Power is <0.5mW (1% of transmitting power for cell phone)
7. Detection range is about 6m - 12m
8. Life time of 50,000 hours