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Smart Switches For Home Automation

Wretro Smart Switches are the perfect addition to any modern home. Our range of smart switches provides convenient and stylish solutions for home automation, allowing you to control your lighting and other appliances through phone or voice commands. Our brand is a trusted name for smart switches in India, with a variety of styles and finishes that complement any interior décor.

Wretro Wi-Fi Enable Modular touch Smart Switches For Home & Offices

Single Switch, Multiple Functions

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Smart 4 Gang Switch allows you to connect four loads/appliances to a single switch which can also be controlled by physical touch mobile app and voice
Wretro Smart 4 Gang Switch - Control Multiple Devices with One Switch

4 Gang Switch


Fan Switch


15 A Switch


24A Switch


2 Way Switch


Curtain Switch


Dimmer Switch


Door Bell Switch


Physical Touch | Smart App | Voice Command

Three Way Operations

With Touch

When present nearby Wretro’s Smart Switches, touch it to turn electrical appliances on/off.

Mobile Application

When absent nearby Wretro’s Modular Touch Switches, tap your smartphone to turn electrical appliances on/off.

Voice Command

When present in the environment of Wretro’s Smart Switch, but not nearly enough to touch, give your voice commands to either Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant and let it follow!

Android & iOS compatible

Control your Smart Switches with Wretro Smart Mobile App

Control your Smart Switches with Wretro Smart Mobile App. Wretro’s Smart Switches can be integrated with any smartphone, be it based on Android or iOS operating system. All one needs to have for monitoring and controlling the appliances at your place from the palm of their hand is a smartphone and a stable internet connection.

Schedule Your Smart Switches

Customize your Home Automation

Customize your Home Automation. Pre-schedule and hence pre-program Wretro’s smart switches and devices from your smartphone according to your routine. Unneed the need of turning on the switch at your place at 6 p.m. daily when you get home!

Good Morning

Turn off AC

Turn On Geyser

Meditation Time

Curtain open

All Devices Off

Turn On AC

All Lights On

Good Night

06:00 AM
06:05 AM
06:15 AM
07:00 AM
07:30 AM
08:30 AM
06:45 PM
07:00 PM
11:30 PM

Automation With Elegance

Accomplished Projects


Download & Install the Wretro App from Google Playstore or Apple Store. Click on Sign Up and create a new account with an Email ID & Password.

Connect the electrical wires as mentioned behind the switches. Make sure the earthing is properly done in the electrical wiring to avoid malfunctioning of the devices. 

Note: wiring connections may be different for each switch

L/P = Live / Phase Wire, N= Neutral, L1,  L2, L3, L4 = Light Loads

Our switches fit in Roma Classic, Roma Allure, Roma Vetro (Glass plate), Hifi, Wonder, Rider, Flato, Sioma, Kolors KBC Vouge, Kolors KBC Selekt, Milltech, Pointer, Allwyn, Cona, Lisha, Netwit, Vankon, Red Card, Amaron, Vinayak, Maru Switches, Western Vintage, Western V-Wood, Livon, Philcon, litaski, Rapid electricals….etc

18 months from the date of purchase. The Warranty covers manufacturing defects and does not cover malfunction due to misuse, accident, vandalism, negligence, power outage, mishandling, etc.

No, it will not work without the internet

No, it will keep the previous state even after the power is back