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Smart Home Automation System

Smart Home Automation System Live Intelligent : Be wretro Smart

Wretro transforms a house into a Smart Home. With a single touch, control all your electronic devices from your phone when you are at home, or outside.

Wretro also empowers you to operate all your appliances from anywhere.

Use our unique voice command feature to manage your home and more.

  • Forgot to turn the lights off while leaving the house?
  • Want your room to be cool before you reach home?
  • Schedule your coffee machine to make piping hot coffee as soon as you get up?

Wretro Home Automation SolutionsThe answer to these and much more is Wretro Home Automation Solutions

Live Simple Live Smart

  • IoT Devices IoT Devices active

    IoT Devices

    With the help of an exclusive IoT technology. Wretro allows you to Control all your electronic devices with just one tab.

  • Mobile App Mobile App active

    Mobile App

    Wretro App is available on Play Store and App Store. The App gives you the liberty to control your smart home from anywhere.

  • Talk to your home Wretro Talk to your home

    Talk to your home

    Control all the electronic appliances with your Voice commands through ALEXA.

  • Touch: Forget the Tick Tock Touch: Forget the Tick Tock active

    SMART Touch Switches

    With Wretro Smart Touch Switches, Now touch to operate the devices, rather than pressing or pushing like normal switches. These switches are stylish, easy to install and operate.

  • Schedule Appliances Wretro Schedule Appliances

    Schedule Appliances

    Whether you need the curtains to open as soon as it is 7 am or want the geyser to start before you go for a shower. You name it and we do it for you. You can schedule your appliances as per your need and comfort.

  • Ambient Lighting Wretro Ambient Lighting

    Ambient Lighting

    Change the ambience of your house and workplace according to your mood. Be it a party, meditation, work, or family time, you can enjoy it by setting these modes via voice control or the Wretro App.

  • Automated Door Locks Wretro Automated Door Locks

    Automated Door Locks

    Now Lock or unlock your home and workplace with just a tab on your phone from anywhere.

Experience a Smart Home at Zero Risk.

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Live in future Make your life easy with home automation

  • Control Everything with Your Fingertips Turn on your lights, play your favourite music or change your room temperature, just by tapping your smartphone.
  • Run Personalized Schedules Have your coffee ready when you wake up. Automatically turn everything off when you leave for work. Experience true intelligence.
  • Change Your Room Modes Let your mood reflect in your ambience.Change the room mode to experience a new atmosphere every time!